Saturday, January 17, 2015

A look at the British past

I have been looking at the past some to get some insight into what is possible for the future.
The British have a long history of vegetable gardening, as several other nations do.
Few seem to remember the role these gardens and small farms playing in WWII.
I have found a series of videos that the BBC made that give some insight into this period and the importance of food production. It is also a time where chemicals were just being introduced to the farm. At the same time due to limited resources farmers had to reach back in time and use animal power and other technology that had recently been discarded.

Wartime Farm Part 1 of 8

Wartime Farm Part 2 of 8

Wartime Farm Episode 3 of 8

Wartime Farm Episode 4 of 8

Wartime Farm Part 5 of 8

Wartime Farm Part 6 of 8

Wartime Farm Part 7 of 8

Wartime Farm Part 8 of 8


  1. Great Blog, sorry for the lack of traffic. Just want to thank you for all the great information.

    I think this is one of the overlooked aspects of many prep-gardeners. Lettuce and tomatoes wont do squat if there is a situation where there is a food crisis.

    I was looking for a list of garden crops that have a high caloric content, and I think you have the most informative posts. Theres a reason staple crops are staple crops in all societies, and today we have so many overlooked options to give us incredible staple food diversity on an individual and larger level.

    The bottom line is if you are running to your "survival seed can" you are probably in a position where you need the highest energy density available.

  2. Hey friend! I am also developing a long term sustainable, perennial garden, and calories are the big issue. I would love to chat some time. Give me a shout!