Saturday, September 27, 2014

manual transplanting tools part 2 of 2

Here are some of the best transplanting tools.
I could not get them all in a single posting so I saved the best for last.
The reason I say best for last is that most of these are made so you jab the tool in the ground and pull the bars apart making an opening in the soil. Then you drop a seedling into a pipe that delivers it to the hole.
No bending required!

Also the Japanese paper transplanter is an incredible labor saving device for manual planting.
If you have the right soils and plant alot of greens, onions, or market crops this machine is incredible.

Another transplanter that can plant through plastic. It is a jab, drop, and pull away transplanter.
It is used for seeds but seems to work great for onion sets.

Jab through plastic, spread handles, drop plant, and pull up.

Pottiputki No 63 Planter, heavy duty tree seedling planter that can be used for crops.
It comes in different sizes.
This is a product made for forestry planting in rough areas.

Hamilton Tree Planters
These are not your hardware store bulb planters, these are forestry grade tools!
These are for tree planting in rough ground. If using for crops I would sharpen end for faster cutting.
If planting shallow rooted crops add one or two heavy L brackets anchored at the top of cutting tube to set the depth.

SK20 Transplanter from Korea, yes they ship to USA
Korea is making some very good hand tools for the small farmer.

Super-efficient mass transplanting totally manual

The Paper Chain Pot Transplanting System
The paper chain pot transplanting system is a unique, ingenious, and highly efficient means to transplant vegetables, flowers and herbs. It is unlike any standard transplanter used in the US or Europe. It has no motor and is pulled by hand. It allows a single person to transplant as many as 264 plants in less than a minute. This is accomplished while standing upright and eliminates the countless hours spent kneeling, crawling, or stooping.

Planting tools for transplanting trees that may be useful.

Hand Planting Bare Root Tree Seedlings using a planting bar

Tree seedling with a dibble bar or other tree planting tool. US Forestry

Dibble Bar - Steel Planting Bar Steel Handle
Nice heavy duty Dibble Bar

Good dipple  bar for quick digging. Need to sharpen end for crops.

Making your own dipple bar

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